DGST 201 Syllabus

Spring 2018

Course Outline

Weeks 1 & 2:  Introduction to making — design thinking, deconstruction and reconstruction, ThinkLab resources

Week 3 :  We make things — exploring the Maker Movement

Weeks 4 – 7:  Making Things — learning 3D fabrication, e-textiles and sewing, electronics and soldering

Weeks 8 & 9:  Maker’s Challenge

Weeks  9:  Planning a mini maker faire

Week 10 to end of class:  Maker Challenge:  bringing it all together.

During each section of the course, students will design and create a project using the skills and tools covered in that section.  The final Maker Challenge will incorporate all components covered in the class.

Think: Formulate an idea for what you want to make. Collaboration is a key component of making and tinkering, and you are encouraged to identify classmates with similar ideas or complementary skills to work with you.

Make: Identify resources, materials, and tutorials to complete the project. Learn the skills you need as the project develops.

Improve: Look at your finished project and reflect on what you made and how you could make it better.