3D Printing Resources

We have 2 Dremel Idea Builders in the ThinkLab.  These are reliable, hardworking printers that are pretty easy to learn to use.  They use PLA filament.

Useful Links

Thingiverse:  Thingiverse is a library of 3D objects that makers have created — from the useful to the exotic!

Idea Builder Software:  You’ll need to download this software to prepare your object to be printed on the Dremels.

Tinkercad:   Tinkercad is an easy 3D design program that allows you to create your own objects by manipulating basic shapes.  You can also use Tinkercad to modify objects you downloaded from Thingiverse.

Meshmixer:   Meshmixer is a more advanced design program.  You can also use it to add supports to objects that need them.

Sketchup:  This is a 3D drawing program.  It’s not as intuitive as Tinkercad, but it allows for more sophisticated designs.

Sculptris:   Sculptris is an advanced design tool that allows you to create interesting, sculpted shapes.

Troubleshooting Print Problems

Many print problems are caused by an unlevel print bed.  Try leveling the bed before you try anything else.  Do NOT try any repair other than leveling the bed on your own!

Dremel support FAQs

Simplify 3D‘s visual troubleshooting guide

RepRap visual troubleshooting guide

Epic Fails

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